THE WORLD ACCORDING TO seeks to challenge an artist to work in an unfamiliar way: using any source other than his/her own work, s/he develops an idea, a concept, a subject or a vision which can only be realized on paper. On 64 blank pages, s/he creates a special project by collecting images, texts, graphs, and/or by inviting artists, friends, family-members to generate content and to contribute to it. Our interest in artists developing this project is based on the conviction that they constitute a main creative source inventing forms for content.
With THE WORLD ACCORDING TO we offer an empty space in which the artist can step back from his/her daily practice to find different ways of examining the world that surrounds them and to finally develop new content and
unexpected forms.

Directed by

Ellen Blumstein
Frank Kalero
Katherina Fichtner
Maribel Lopez


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